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At Kings Lodge we provide a varied and active lifestyle for residents, catering for a full range of personalities and abilities.

this includes new and improved areas for residents to enjoy and benefit from.


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Three of our quality 64 bedrooms are specially designed for clients requiring Bariatric care and five are specialist facilities that allow us to accommodate patients who require artificial ventilation. 61 bedrooms are single occupancy with an en-suite flat floor shower, tastefully decorated and designed for comfort and convenience. We want this to be a home away from home, so we encourage our residents to personalise their rooms with their own items and memorabilia. Your furniture can also be accommodated, in discussion with the Home’s Manager.


Our Bedrooms



Intimately Connected to Nature
Our lushous garden, with a silky green lawn and a wide variety of trees, flowers and other plants, offers all the benefits of fresh air and an intimate connection with nature, while in a calm and safe environment. We love to cater to our residents' interests, having purposed a section of our beautiful grounds to encourage residents to develop their own gardening skills, including planting seeds, maintaining pots and growing vegetables.

Kings Lodge Garden


Therapy Facilities

Our rehab facilities are equipped with the best and newest rehabilitation. They were built with our patient's needs in mind and can accommodate the rehabilitation of a huge variety of disabilities and neurological injuries. Having completed the new build we have installed more excellent equipment and improved several areas used for treatment and therapy. We are committed to providing you with the most innovative and effective care.


Therapy Facilities

Leisure Areas

Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends

At the Kings Lodge, we encourage each resident’s individuality, and we respect and encourage their desires to pursue different hobbies and occupy their time with different activities. Our two new communal rooms are purposed to encourage residents' to meet, chat and make friends, which can greatly increase self-confidence, independence and wellbeing. We promote an inclusive family culture where everybody is welcome and becomes a part of the family.




We want everyone at our home to be able to reach their full potential and be as independent as possible by encouraging them to develop everyday skills as well as new ones. Performing everyday skills helps improve coordination, allows for practising fine movements and increases concentration. Every resident deserves to enjoy their independence and be satisfied with their day to day life. 

Making sure that you have what you need to learn and improve, we make the facilities available, such as our kitchen, to learn and practise these everyday skills. Cooking is a great way to stimulate interest in the importance of nutrition, the art of food and the benefits of a finished meal, encouraging a good appetite that keeps the body healthy and nourished, while also practising coordination and fine movement.