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  • What sort of care do you offer?

    Kings Lodge provides long and short-term care for both male and female clients from the age of 18 upwards. We cater for a variety of complex disability needs. These include acquired brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions including long-term degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and MS.
  • What experience of managing complex needs do staff have?

    We have Registered Nurses with a high skill set and experienced Carers who support them. Consequently we are able to care for clients who:
    • Have swallowing difficulties
    • Require some form of tube feeding
    • Require venepuncture for diagnosis/care elements
    • Require subcut fluids
    • Require IV therapy
    • Have a tracheostomy
    • Require CPAP
    • With negotiation require artificial ventilation
    • Require continence care
    • Have high nursing needs due to tissue viability issues
    All of these skills are alongside care issues such as diabetes, medication issues i.e. Parkinson’s disease and other care elements.The care team is also supported by kitchen staff who are able to cater for varied and modified diets.
  • What medical assistance do you have?

    As a care home with nursing we have Registered Nurses on shift 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our focus is to care for our clients within the Centre and keep hospital admissions only for absolute acute intervention.
    The Centre’s GP calls regularly, although residents may retain their own doctor if this is practical. The Community Matron for Care homes, Nurse Specialists, Speech and Language Therapist, Dietician and Ophthalmologist visit when required.The care team is also supported by kitchen staff who are able to cater for varied and modified diets.
  • Where are you located?

    Kings Lodge is set amongst trees surrounded by beautiful countryside in the heart of rural Surrey, situated in Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield Village, near Redhill. You can find more details in our Contact Us page."
  • How do you work with relatives?

    If the client wishes, we will work with relatives and friends who may want to be involved in the client’s care when planning and reviewing care packages.Family and friends are encouraged to participate in the client’s daily routine as far as practicable. Clients and their relatives are always welcome to chat with a member of care staff if they have any concerns.
  • How is Kings Lodge Funded?

    The majority of our long-term clients are funded by statutory services; a number of our respite clients have direct payment.
  • Where can I get financial advice?

    A number of Independent Financial Advisers specialise in advising on long-term care. Before taking advice, it is recommended that you establish your IFA does have this specialist knowledge. The Association of Independent Care Advisers (AICA) maintains a register of specialist long-term care IFAs, you can contact them directly on 01483 203066."
  • Can I read your inspection reports?

    Our inspection reports are available through the Care Quality Commission website​.
  • How do I complain?

    As a client, relative or visitor, if you feel there is cause for complaint, please first discuss the matter with the person in charge. If the matter is, in your opinion, a serious one, or if you remain dissatisfied, you can record the complaint on a form available from reception or the person in charge. A full investigation will be made into the complaint and you will be advised of the results as soon as possible.
    If at any time you wish to speak to an inspector you should contact the Care Quality Commission. Details of the registration authority are displayed in the entrance to the new Home."

  • How many possessions can I bring with me?

    When someone has lived at their home for many years, it is inevitable that they will have acquired many personal possessions that they may wish to bring with them to Kings Lodge. As all our rooms are fully furnished, we are unable to accomodate any large pieces of furniture but we encourage new residents to bring smaller personal treasures with them such as photos, small pieces of furniture or ornaments. If you are unsure about a particular item that you may wish to bring with you, please ​contact us directly.

  • Will I be able to see a hairdresser?

    Hairdressing can be provided for an additional charge. There is a hairdresser available on a weekly basis.
  • Can I have visitors?

    Yes visitors are welcome at Kings Lodge and we actively encourage you to visit your loved ones.  Visits can take place throughout the week and weekend


  • What facilities do you have?

    Kings Lodge has 61 en-suite wet rooms, a large gym, and spacious communal areas, all set within large beautiful grounds, including two lounges, an activity room, conservatory and separate dining room. Two new ‘Starter’ flats allow residents to be assessed for their levels of independence. 
    Our specialist facilities allow us to accommodate up to five clients who require artificial ventilation. We have three bedrooms specifically designed for clients requiring bariatric care.
  • Can I try a short stay before giving up my own home?

    We always endeavour to find a space at the home for any potential new residents, but sometimes this is not always possible. Therefore we currently operate a waiting list system. If you are interested in securing a room at Kings Lodge, please contact us directly for an informal discussion."
  • How do I arrange a visit?

    You can call or e-mail to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation and to take a tour of the Centre. Although we are happy for people to call unannounced, making an appointment allows us to spend more time with you, answer your questions in more detail and help you make an informed choice about whether Kings Lodge is the right place for you. You could visit for tea and cake, lunch or an overnight stay. 
    Please call on or 01737 822 221 or email us here  

  • What is the process for Client Arrival?

    On arrival at your new home, we aim to have you settled in a relaxed and informal manner​. When you are ready, we will show you and your family to your room. Staff will unpack and settle you in. You will then be shown around the Centre and staff will help you and your family to familiarise yourselves with your new surroundings.
    The Registered Nurses will check your medication and your details and begin your Care Plan. The following Wednesday after your arrival, the GP will examine you for the admission medical assessment. It takes a few weeks to adjust to life in a care facility and for everyone to get to know each other. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.
  • Will I have a choice of meals?

    Clients enjoy a variety of food. Menus are varied and special diets can be catered for. Clients are encouraged to eat in the dining room but may eat in their own room if that is their choice. Tea, coffee and other hot drinks are available 24 hours a day. Visitors are also catered for and a donation to the kitchen fund is greatly appreciated.Please call Colette Manning on 01737 822 221 for more information.
  • Do you provide social activities?

    Kings Lodge has dedicated staff members for activities which include use of the Centre’s mini bus. There are a variety of ways residents can engage in the enjoyment of social activities, hobbies and leisure interests. Our Activities Coordinators liaise with residents, staff and family members to arrange events throughout the year. These have included celebrating the usual festivals, visits to the pub, crossing the channel on a shopping trip and the Paralympics. 
    Events and activities are displayed around the Home in addition to being circulated to residents in a newsletter.
  • Do you cater for cultural and religious needs?

    Yes. We respect all cultures and religions, and individual needs are catered for in discussion with the client.
  • What ages do you cater for?

    Kings Lodge can cater any adults over the age of 18 years old.
  • How can I get a placement in Kings Lodge?

    Step 1: Referrals

    Referrals can be received from several sources, CCG’s, Hospital Discharge Teams, Social Workers, Continuing Care Teams, as well as individuals funded by insurance and for self-pay.

    Step 2: Assessment

    Each potential resident is visited in their current environment (where possible) and an initial assessment of their nursing, therapy and care needs is carried out by one of the clinical team from Kings Lodge.  Medical, nursing, and therapy notes are obtained from the current care facility to help shape the care plan for any stay in Kings Lodge.

    Step 3: Care plan

    Once the clinical team have agreed that the appropriate care and therapy can be provided by Kings Lodge to the patient, fee levels are determined and forwarded to the appropriate funding body for their approval.

    The level of Fees is based solely on the nursing and care requirements of the individual.  Those individuals who require a higher level of dependency (1:1 care, tracheostomy care etc) will attract higher fees.  Each individual is considered on a case-by-case basis for funding approval.

    Step 4: Approval and Admission

    Once the fees are approved by the funding body then the clinical team will arrange a suitable date with the current care providers for the transfer to Kings Lodge.  The aim is to deliver a seamless transfer of care from one home to another. 


  • Are you regulated by the CQC?

    Yes.  All care homes in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

  • Will I have to Pay?

     The costs of residential homes vary, often depending on the type of facilities provided and the amount and type of care you need.

    There are two types of NHS nursing care with different eligibility:

    • NHS Continuing Healthcare - this is for people who have a primary health need
    • NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC) - is for people who require registered nursing care, and is a NHS contribution to the cost of your nursing care in the nursing home.

    Further information on continuing healthcare and eligibility can be found here

  • Can I have a pet?

    We currently do not allow pets to stay at Kings Lodge; however, we allow pets to visit as well as loved ones.  All we ask is that the pet is looked after whilst they are here at Kings Lodge

  • Is there WiFi?

     Yes, there is free WiFi throughout Kings Lodge for residents to use.

  • Is there parking?

    Yes, there is adequate parking for visitors at Kings Lodge.  There are a limited number of parking places available for residents with disabled vehicles.  Prior agreement with the manager must be sought , however.