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A Devoted Extended Family

At the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs, we care for patients with specific long-term neurological needs that can’t be met in a hospital or general nursing home. Regardless of the origin of injury, we aim to maximise any recovery and maintain health and wellbeing. Our person-centred approach ensures all care programmes are specific to each patient. All this incorporating family and loved ones, while combating social isolation.

We give each patient the high level of respect they deserve


Respecting Each Individual Person

We believe everyone has a unique physical, psychological, and spiritual expression. We strive to develop the independence of our patients and stimulate their own interests.
Helping Heart

Providing a Loving and Understanding Environment

We help to maintain and promote the health of each patient. We constantly strive to better the everyday life of the patient by listening, reflecting, and acting accordingly.
Caring Hand

We care for each patient with the high level of respect they deserve

We will always treat our patients with the utmost dignity and respect, protecting their privacy and well-being. We are committed to providing a quality service and a non-judgemental atmosphere.

A Stimulating and Healthy Lifestyle

At the Kings Lodge, our residents can enjoy social activities, hobbies and leisure interests, while having all of their clinical needs met with high quality care. We work to ensure all our clients maintain an optimum state of health and well-being and a good quality of life in a safe, caring, relaxed and homely environment. We do not impose any lifestyle changes but work with the client and their family to accommodate their wishes as far as reasonably possible.

A Team you can Trust

Ali Jamous

Medical Director


At the Kings Lodge, we want to provide the best possible care within a homely and comfortable environment. Find out what it takes to join our family.

Our Care Philosophy

At the Kings Lodge, we believe in person-centred care within a homely and caring environment. We respect each person’s individualities and freedoms.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find all the answers to the questions you might have about the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs and how we can help you.

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