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Bariatric is the term used to describe clients who are very overweight with high Body Mass Indexes (BMIs)  usually these people have health consequences resulting in poor mobility, poor tissue viability and usually a variety of cardiac and breathing problems


There is a growing problem in our society with people becoming heavier and also presenting with associated health conditions such as diabetes, mobility problems, mental health issues and several other related diseases such as respiratory, cardiac problems and arthritis.  Kings Lodge provides a nursing and residential facility which can nurse and care for these complex conditions for bariatric patients.


KL provides specialist services for bariatric residents with BMIs over 40 with ground floor rooms specially equipped with bariatric overhead hoists, bariatric beds, larger rooms and large showers and specialist equipment for these residents.  We also have a sensory garden which is accessible to our bariatric clients to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment.


Our staff are trained to manage these patients in a holistic and compassionate way providing nutritional advice and physical and mental care.  We also offer counselling services to support the resident.  A multi disciplinary team including physiotherapists are available for ongoing support and rehabilitation. 


The activity team are very active supporting these residents to be part of the community at Kings Lodge and develop new skills and passions.


We provide an on-going assessment of a client’s progress in their abilities and level of independence in daily activities (i.e. dressing, walking etc). We nurse clients through all aspects of illness. Our focus is to care for our clients within the Centre and keep hospital admissions only for absolute acute intervention.