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Admission Policy

Learn everything about Admissions at the Kings Lodge

Because we want to provide the best care possible and a calm comfortable environment to our residents, we unfortunately cannot accept every single patient at the Kings Lodge. This is why we have developed a strict admission policy. There are a few simple steps we advise you to follow for a successful admition.


  1. We encourage all our potential clients and/or relatives to visit prior to admission. This is a great time to look around, ask questions to our staff and make sure you feel the Kings Lodge would be a great fit for you.
  2. After you decide you’d like to stay with us, we negotiate with the funders to agree fees and an admission date. Our future patients and their families are kept informed by the funders and referrers at this point.
  3. Keep in mind that we have specific conditions of admission. Because we want to provide the best care possible, there are certain guidelines to which our patients must abide to, and some restrictions to who we are able to accept as patients:
    1. We are able to admit adults from the age of 18 years old upwards;
    2. We accept clients with neurological and complex physical conditions;
    3. We do not accept clients with dementia as the first diagnosis;
    4. We do not accept clients who are sectioned under the 2007 Mental Health Act;
    5. We do not accept clients with severe challenging/aggressive physical behaviour;
    6. We do not ​accept clients who are actively using class A drugs.