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Trustworthy And Specialised

Our staff are highly trained and updated on all mandatory and statutory areas. We are proud of our reputation as polite, friendly and conscientious. Most of all, we are respectful of our patients individualities.

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Playful and Uplifting Friends

At the Kings Lodge, we have three sweet, sensitive dogs, that enjoy playing and cuddling with our residents. Their uplifting presence is very beneficial to our patients, who thoroughly enjoy the extra company.


Splish is a calm and sensitive poodle that loves cuddling and being petted. His favourite spot is the sunny spot by the window of our activity room.


Splash is a curious and playful poodle that enjoys running around our grass garden and playing with our residents. He also loves to keep our residents company.


Snowy is the newest addition to our canine team, and he’s already getting along with everyone. He loves to play with Splish and Splash and he makes everybody smile.


At the Kings Lodge, we want to provide the best possible care within a homely and comfortable environment. Find out what it takes to join our family.

Our Care Philosophy

At the Kings Lodge, we believe in person-centred care within a homely and caring environment. We respect each person’s individualities and freedoms.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find all the answers to the questions you might have about the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs and how we can help you.