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Bariatric Care


Responding to demand, we have designed three bedrooms specific to the needs of clients requiring bariatric care. Features include: more bedroom space, an overhead re-enforced hoist, larger shower rooms and specific equipment for personal care. 

We understand the problems associated with clients requiring this care and over the last 12 months we have helped a client (Miss M) reduce her weight from 160kg (25st) to 133kg (20.9st). Miss M has congested cardiac failure and asthma. We have also seen a significant change in her wellbeing in these areas. Although mobility is still limited due to other factors, her self-esteem has improved and Miss M will now leave the Centre to shop for new clothes.

Multi-disciplinary meetings evaluate a client’s progress, arrest any deterioration and adapt care accordingly. We provide an on-going assessment of a client’s progress in their abilities and level of independence in daily activities (i.e. dressing, walking etc). We nurse clients through all aspects of illness. Our focus is to care for our clients within the Centre and keep hospital admissions only for absolute acute intervention.

A Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our patients will be taken care by a multi-disciplinary team that will help them reach their full potential and make the best out of their stay at the Kings Lodge. Each patient is unique, and so every team is different, depending on their needs. The core team will be comprised of: