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Stimulating & Healthy Lifestyle

At the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs, we care for patients with specific long-term neurological needs that can’t be met in a hospital or general nursing home. Regardless the origin of injury, we aim to maximise any recovery and maintain health and wellbeing. Our person-centred approach ensures all care programmes are specific to each patient. All of this incorporating family and loved ones, and combating social isolation.

Having Fun While Socialising

At the Kings Lodge, there are a variety of ways residents can engage in the enjoyment of social activities, hobbies and leisure interests. We aim to meet the needs of all our patients while maintaining social integration and functional ability. This may be in a one-to-one or group setting, and may take place within the centre or in the community. Activities include Breakfast club, sensory room, hairdressing, bridge club, theme nights and playing with our three dogs. We encourage each person's individuality, and so we provide tailored activities to each person's taste, if necessary.


Encouraging Personal Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies at the centre range from group activities such as Wii games, quizzes, cake baking and gardening, to quiet interests such as reading, painting or listening to music.


Breaking Away from Everyday Routine

Days out have included visits to the pub, crossing the channel, the Paralympics, the Brighton Sea Life Centre and shopping in Redhill. Family and friends are always welcome to join the fun!


Celebrating Holidays and Special Days

All notable days, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas are celebrated with themed areas and special meals, and sometimes even with costume parties!

Respecting Each Person’s Individuality

At the Kings Lodge we respect each person’s individuality, which means it is our patients’ choice whether they wish to partake in social activities, or which hobbies they pursue. We are able to provide individual outings and encourage our patients to nurture their own individual interests.

Deliciously Nutritious Food

Meals are extremely important, and at the Kings Lodge we ensure that all patients enjoy a wide variety of food. Our nutritious menus are varied, and we can cater for specific and special diets. Clients are encouraged to eat in the dining room, but they can choose to eat in their own room. And of course, families and friends are always welcome to share a meal!


Catering For Different Dietary Requirements


The Importance of
 Small Meals

We can prepare you a cooked breakfast on request, if that’s how you prefer it. Snacks are available between or instead of meals, and tea, coffee and hot drinks are available 24 hours a day.


Talented and Highly Qualified Cooks

The two cooks at the Kings Lodge are qualified to NVQ Level 3 in Catering, and they have taken advice from dieticians regarding menu selection to ensure quality and variety.

Develop Your Own Cooking Skills

The Kings Lodge is home to many of our patients. By cooking and baking, our clients can develop essential everyday skills and work on their independence, as well as produce delicious meals.

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At the Kings Lodge, we want to provide the best possible care within a homely and comfortable environment. Find out what it takes to join our family.

Our Care Philosophy

At the Kings Lodge, we believe in person-centred care within a homely and caring environment. We respect each person’s individualities and freedoms.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find all the answers to the questions you might have about the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs and how we can help you.