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Comfortable and Modern

At Kings Lodge we provide a varied and active lifestyle for residents, catering for a full range of personalities and abilities.

Our recent expansion has included new and improved areas for residents to enjoy and benefit from.

What do you want to know more about?

Meeting Our Patients’ Needs

All our 61 bedrooms are single occupancy with an en-suite flat floor shower. Our patients are encouraged to personalise their rooms with their own items and knick-knacks. Our patients' furniture can also be accommodated, in discussion with the Home’s Manager. 

Our specialist facilities allow us to accommodate up to five patients who require artificial ventilation. We have three bedrooms specially designed for clients requiring bariatric care.

All Our Bedrooms Include

Disabled access

Electric profiling bed & pressure relieveing mattress

Disabled access

Possibility of own private line (through British Telecom)

Disabled access

Satellite TV

Disabled access

Wireless internet access

Disabled access

Linen and Towels (patients can use their own if they prefer)

Intimately Connected to Nature

Our beautiful garden, with a silky green lawn and a wide variety of trees, flowers and other plants, offers all the benefits of fresh air and an intimate connection with nature, while in a calm and controlled environment. A section of our grounds has been set aside to encourage residents to develop their own gardening skills including: planting seeds, maintaining pots and growing vegetables.

Our Lovely Garden Features

Disabled access

Disabled access

Disabled access

Vegetable garden

Disabled access

Large grass garden

Disabled access

Fish Pond

Disabled access

Benches for resting and nature watching

Where Rehab Takes Place

Our rehab facilities are equipped with the best and newest rehabilitation equipment. They were rebuilt with our patients needs in mind, and can accommodate the rehabilitation of a huge variety of disabilities and neurological injuries.

Rehabilitation Gym

Our large purpose-built gym and top-notch equipment enables our residents to receive their required quality treatment. This way, our residents are able to improve strength and flexibility, reduce spasticity, pain and stiffness, promote weight bearing and mobility and maintain function and independence.

    • Stroke
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Multiple Sclerosis
Activity Room

Our new activity room provides a much needed space for therapists to work with residents at the current skills programmes, including singing and group therapy, as well as allowing new interests, such as carpentry.

    • Theme Parties
    • Baking
    • Wii Games
    • ​​Barbecue
    • Painting

Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends

At the Kings Lodge, we encourage each resident’s individuality, and we respect their desires to pursue different hobbies and occupy their time with different activities. Our two new communal rooms encourage residents' social skills, building self-confidence, friendships and independence.

Developing Everyday Skills

Here at the centre, we want our residents to be able to reach their full potential by being as independent as possible. Our Kitchen and Laundry facilities are available for our residents to learn and practise important everyday skills. Cooking stimulates interest in the finished meal, encouraging a good appetite, and, like laundering, helps coordination, fine movements and increases concentration.


At the Kings Lodge, we want to provide the best possible care within a homely and comfortable environment. Find out what it takes to join our family.

Our Care Philosophy

At the Kings Lodge, we believe in person-centred care within a homely and caring environment. We respect each person’s individualities and freedoms.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find all the answers to the questions you might have about the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs and how we can help you.